Jane Franklin

This is my 3rd year walking for womens cancer.

Cancer is tough, but we're tougher

In September 2020, I’m challenging myself to walk 35km  as part of the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer. This year thanks to COVID things will be a little different and I will not be able to travel to Perth to walk. Ill be walking in the lush green Illawwarra.

 I’m doing this to raise much needed funds for women’s cancer research  at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. There is so much more to be done to ensure that  people living with cancer stay with us for as long as possible. 

I am training and asking for donations in the lead up to the event. I'd be so grateful for your support. If you can't join me (I'd love the company), please give generously to my donation page.

Please help me, help the Perkins.

Let’s walk towards a cancer-free future – together.

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We are Top 10!

Hello Titty (the team I am part of)  has raised more than most. Hoping to stay in the top 10. My lovely niece Michele leads our team. This is her 6th walk. She is the reason I walk. As a survivor of both breast and ovarian cancer I need no other motivation. sadly I have other family members  and friends who have also battled cancer. Not all have won that battle. With funds for further research I am hoping that one day cancer will be a thing of the past. Please help me rid us of cancer for good. Donations, irrespective of size all help. The photo is of a quilt piece that Michele was working on at our place a couple of years ago for a friend of her who was undergoing treatment.

$10,000 Raised by team Hello Titty

I am so excited! We have hit this target. Michele has raised almost half but the rest of us are getting there. Can we make $15,000 before the end of September?
Ann and I walked in Sydney a few years back. Ann and I will not be able to join Hello Titty to walk in Joondalup this year and we will be doing it separately since she lives in Queensland. We are still a team though and all chasing donations for this cause that is dear to our hearts. Who doesn't know someone whose life has been ravaged by breast or ovarian cancer?

A new date!

 Well the new date is set for the end of September. No crowd of 800-900 people walking in a bunch though we are all doing it alone or perhaps with our teams. The rest of Hello Titty will be walking around a lake twice to get their 35km in. No flight for me to Perth this year. Training for many has been more difficult with COVID but so many people have ploughed on with fundraising and training. Hoping for some more donations to get to $2000 as I have managed at least that in the previous two years. 

Thank you

A big thank you to my shy friend for a very generous donation. I am sorry to hear about your friend Diana.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kevin Mcgrath

Jane, Taba and I wish you well on your walk!! Kevin



Go Jane!


Wendy Curtis

Good luck Jane !


Maree Reay




Go Jane, Covid won’t stop you! A great team effort again for you all xx


Jane Franklin


Jane Franklin



In loving memory of Diana who lost her 12 year battle recently.


Ann Leinster

Way to go Jane! Should I start training now? Keen to give it a go and visit the west again.


Jane Franklin