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How much does it cost to register?

The registration fee is $35 per person. This goes towards offsetting many costs of running the event.

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How do I register?

It’s easy! Register using the button in the top right corner and join the fight to defeat women’s cancer with the Perkins.


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35km is a long way. Will I be able to walk that far?

The Walk is not a race. You are encouraged to take it at your own pace as people of all abilities & fitness levels take part. There are fuel stops, a lunch stop and plenty of support along the way. We also have support vehicles to pick you up and take you further along the course if you need some help.

If you’re unsure you can walk 35km in one day, you also have the option of walking over the course of a week up to Saturday 27th April. That’s just 5km per day! And, you will be able to celebrate with your fellow walkers at the finish line – there will be a special 5km route just for you on Walk day.

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I’ve never walked that far. Should I train?

We encourage you to train for the New Town Toyota Walk for Women’s Cancer, because it’s a tough distance – but you’re tougher. We also offer free training sessions with fellow walkers during the year. Keep an eye out for our tips and tricks on how to strengthen your body and prepare for your Walk or vist our training page.

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How do I create a team?

When you’re registering, click ‘Create a Team’. Enter the team name and that’s it!

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How can my friends join my team?

Once you’ve created the team, tell your team members the name of the team so that they can search for it and join when they register.

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How much do I have to raise to participate?

The fundraising minimum is $500 per person. You are expected to raise this amount before taking part on Walk day: Saturday 27th April 2024. If you are nervous about asking for support, you’re not alone! However, once you start fundraising you will be surprised by how much your friends, family and colleagues want to sponsor you in a cause you care about.

Check out our fundraising resources here.

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I don’t know how to fundraise. Can you help me?

Yes of course! There’s a dedicated team at the Perkins ready to help you with fundraising ideas to get you to the donation minimum as soon as possible. For more information contact 6151 0759 or

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How do I make a donation?

Making a donation is simple! Click here to donate to a participant.

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Can I use the Facebook donate button for my fundraising?

Please do not use the facebook donate button.  Your donations do not go to your fundraising page as they are handled through a third party.

If you have already done this we suggest you delete your post as this is the only way to remove the facebook donate button. Then create a new facebook post and share the link to your fundraising page without adding the "donate" button.

If someone has donated using the facebook donate button and has selected the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research as the charity of choice we will eventually receive the funds but there may be some long delays. Plus it will not show on your fundraising total.

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What is a "dollar match day" and how does it work?

Dollar Match Days

Thanks to the Walk's incredibly generous sponsors who support your fundraising efforts, we’re able to run dollar match days.

What is a dollar match day?

On a predetermined day and time all donations are matched by a generous sponsor until the sponsored amount is reached. This includes donations made by you and by your supporters to your fundraising page*. These donations can be made to individuals and teams alike, but donations will only be matched to the agreed capped value.

*Please note: offline donations such as Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT) donations are unable to be matched. 

How a dollar match day works

Starting from the predetermiend date and time (and not a moment before) all donations made to participants - including self-donations - will be matched until the total allocation is exhausted. You can make as many individual donations as you like, but please remember, donations will only be matched up to the advertised capped amount. The total dollar match amount and the capped donation amount will change with each dollar match, so be sure to check your emails for more information. 

How many dollar match days are there?

Depending on the amount we have available to match, there are usually two to three.

When do they occur?

You can expect a dollar match close to the actual day of the walk. If there are others, we will let you know about it.

How are you informed of an upcoming dollar match day?

You will receive emails and SMSs in the hours or days leading up to dollar match day and it is also promoted on the social media.

How do I know if I’ve been matched?

Once you’ve donated, you will see a second donation with an icon appear on your fundraising page that will let you know that your gift was matched.

How many donations can I get?

As many as you can squeeze in before the allocated funds run out! Just remember that donations will only be matched up to the capped amount, and this amount will be communicated to you before the dollar match begins.

Important things to note:

  • Do not make a donation before the dollar match begins. Donations made even one minute before the clock resets will not be matched. The website resets at the exact time the dollar match starts. Keep an eye out for that time in your emails. 
  • We cannot refund donations that missed out because the dollar match was exhausted. These dollar match days are a welcomed addition to the event, thanks to the incredible generosity of our sponsors. Additionally, we cannot guarantee you will be matched. That is up to good timing, good luck and how fast the allocation runs out.
  • Allocations do not last long. They can be exhausted in as little as minutes or last for over half an hour. Whatever the duration, it’s best to get in early - but not before the advertised time!
  • We are a very small team so please be patient. We will try to answer your questions in a timely manner, please understand we cannot allocate match day donations once the promotional value has been exhausted.



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When and where is the event?

New Town Toyota Walk for Women’s Cancer starts on Saturday 27th April at Riley Oval, UWA, Nedlands.

You can choose to select your own route if you are walking over the course of 7 days, or you can take part in the physical event, either 5km, 35km or 42km routes.

More information regarding the route will be provided in due course.

Need some help planning your walk? Just drop us a line and we can help find something that works for you -


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Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to join the New Town Toyota Walk for Women’s Cancer. People of all ages can register and participate.

Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult and must have parental or guardian approval. They will also need to raise the minimum $500.

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What time does the event start?

The Walk can either start on Sunday 21 April at a time of your choosing if you're doing it your way over 7 days, or if you wish to complete your 35kms at the physical event on Saturday 27 April, it starts with an Opening Ceremony at 6.30am.

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Should I bring water or food on event day?

You can fuel up every few kilometres along the route at the aid stations. Fill your backpack with a few snacks and bring your water bottle. (And dont forget the sunscreen!)

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What do I do with my bag/s on the day?

If you can, try to limit what you bring on the day. We provide water, snacks, lunch and electrolytes throughout the day, as well as suncream. There are also toilet stops and first aid throughout the course.

Belongings can be left at our ‘bag check’ on the morning in Event Village and can be picked up after you finish. Please do not leave valuables in your bags. We do our best to care for your belongings but we cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged goods.

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How do I volunteer for the event?

Being a volunteer is an important role on event day. Volunteers at the start, finish, pit stops, lunch and along the course keep the participants going with cheerful support all day long!

If you’d like to be a part of the Walk for Women’s Cancer please register here. The more the merrier, so invite your friends and family to join you for a fun day supporting women’s cancer research.

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How do I login to the New Town Toyota Walk for Women’s Cancer?

Once you have registered for the New Town Toyota Walk for Women’s Cancer, an account is automatically created for you.

If you registered yourself, you should have set up a password. If you were registered by someone else, you will have received an email with a link to create your own password.

If you can’t find that email, use the create account feature on the login page. If you were registered by someone else and they didn’t use your email, you will need to ask them to login to their page to help you edit your registration or fundraising information.

Log in via the LOGIN button on the top right of the home page. Use your email and password.

You can now register for the event and use your dashboard to share your fundraising messages.

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Why is the event held over one week as well as one particular day? 

We asked, you answered! Many of you mentioned that you loved the option of choosing your Walk. So, you will have the option of breaking up your Walk over a number of days and finishing at the event (if you can – we’d love to see you!), or completing your entire Walk on event day. Choose 5km or 35km or go marathon and walk 42km!

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How do I log my kilometres on my fundraising page with my device or manually?

Download our Guide to Logging your KM's here.

Your profile page includes your personal distance tally so you can track your distance towards your target. This is a great way to keep your friends updated on your workouts!

If you track your workouts with Fitbit, MapMyFitness or Strava your distances will automatically add to your tally.

Follow these steps to track your KMs automatically:

  1. Download the Fitbit, Strava or MapMyFitness app and set up your account 
  1. Log in to your Walk for Women’s Cancer account.  
  1. Under the heading ‘Connect your preferred Fitness app’, click your chosen app. 
  1. Follow the prompts to connect your account 
  1. When you next work out, select ‘start your workout’ in the app on your phone. Once you end your workout, save your workout and your distance will be published to the tally on your page the following day.


If you have synced your app already but it is not working, please log in and re-connect it.


When using Fitbit, you must ‘start’ an activity and save it. Your daily steps will not automatically add to your page. If you are having issues, try syncing through BOTH your Fitbit and the Fitbit app on your smartphone.

When using MapMyFitness, you must ‘start’ your workout, ‘stop’ your workout and then ‘SAVE’ your workout.

Your tally will be updated each day with the previous day’s distances.

Remember, you can manually add your kilometres to the tally in your My Fitness Activity tab of your profile after registering. This is a great option if you’re using a pedometer or a different method of tracking your distances.

Follow these steps to manually add your KMs:

  1. Log in to your account and select ‘My Fitness Activity’ 
  1. Under ‘Add activity’, enter the date and distance 
  1. The number of KMs will now appear on your fundraising page!