Important Information

What is the current situation regarding COVID19 and the Walk?

On Friday 13 March, we announced that the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer has been postponed until later in the year. This is in keeping with the Prime Minister’s announcement that, on the advice of Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, events of over 500 people should be postponed due to COVID-19. Our main priority is to mitigate any risk to you. We are working on plans to action the event later in the year. Please bear with us as we navigate this unexpected announcement. We will keep you informed of all developments.

What is the current medical advice about COVID19?

From a medical perspective, most of us - even if we become infected - will have a relatively minor respiratory illness. However, we have an important duty of care not to spread it. This is especially relevant to immunocompromised patients and those undergoing cancer treatment or who have underlying chronic conditions such as diabetes.

This is the advice we are following here at the Perkins.

  • Soap and water. The single most valuable thing each of us can do is wash our hands with soap and water for about 30 seconds often (I sing Happy Birthday twice through). COVID-19 is a relatively puny and labile virus, so take satisfaction with the destruction you are wreaking upon it with your soap and water or hand sanitiser.  
  • Elbow bumps. Start practicing elbow bumps, ankle taps or bows instead of handshakes or hugs. It’s cool to keep a little distance. 
  • Don’t "soldier on”.  If you have symptoms and are feeling unwell, it is important to confirm or refute the diagnosis and stay out of circulation until you do. This includes not training with friends or teammates.
  • Masks. Wearing a typical surgical type mask will not protect you from the virus. The only mask said to protect from the virus is an N95 version, which are not readily available in supermarkets and shops. People who need to wear a mask in public are those who have the disease or those being tested for the virus because they have symptoms. Their primary use is to limit droplet spread of the virus.

If you think you are displaying any of the symptoms, please consider going to one of the three WA COVID19 clinics, where you will be seen by doctors who can assess if you should be tested for the virus. If you are tested, then it’s very important that you self-isolate UNTIL YOU KNOW THE RESULT. If you do have the disease, then the medical teams will look after you. For most patients, it will be self-isolation at home because the illness is mild and resolves without any major issues.

Thank you for your support and stay healthy!

More information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found via www.health.gov.au including the following publication:


On the day

When and where is the event?

The Walk is in Perth, Western Australia. Due to COVID-19 the event will be moving to later in 2020. More details regarding the route and start/finish will be provided.

Who can participate?

People of all ages can register and participate in the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult and must have parental or guardian approval. They will also need to raise the same amount.

What time does the event start?

The Walk starts with an Opening Ceremony at 6.45am.

What do I do with my bag/s on the day?

If you can, try to limit what you bring on the day. We provide water, snacks, lunch and electrolytes throughout the day, as well as suncream. There are also toilet stops and first aid throughout the course.

Belongings can be left at our ‘bag check’ on the morning in Event Village and can be picked up after you finish. Please do not leave valuables in your bags. We do our best to care for your belongings but we cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged goods.

Should I bring water or food on event day?

We provide you with food at the start and finish line, as well as water stations every few kilometres along the route. Bring your own water bottle so that you can fill it up throughout the day.

We provide snacks such as chips, popcorn, fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruit, lollies, lunch (rolls, wraps, etc) along the course and there is food and drink to purchase at the finish line. However, if you have special foods or dietary requirements, you might want to bring those with you.


How much does it cost to register?

The flat registration fee is $50 per person. This does not go towards your fundraising total.

What is included in my registration?

Your registration fee includes your entry to the event, a fundraising and event guide, free training sessions, food, drinks and support on the entire course on event day.

How do I register?

It’s easy! Register and join the fight to defeat women’s cancer with the Perkins.


35km is a long way. Will I be able to walk that far?

The Walk is not a race. You are encouraged to take it at your own pace as people of all abilities fitness levels take part. We also have support vehicles along the way to pick you up and take you further along the course.

I’ve never walked that far. Should I train?

We encourage you to train for the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer, because it’s a tough distance – but you’re tougher. Why not boost your fitness! We also offer free training sessions with fellow walkers during the year.


How do I create a team?

When you’re registering, click ‘Create a Team’. Enter the team name and that’s it!

How can my friend/s join my team?

When you’ve created the team, tell your team members the name of the team so that they can search for it and join when they register. We also have the 'Invite a Friend' form you use located within your dashboard. If you use this function, your friends receive a 50% discount off their registration and you get a $250 credit to your fundraising page that will be added to your fundraising total.


How much do I have to raise to participate?

The fundraising minimum is $1,000 per person. You are expected to raise this amount before taking part on Saturday 2nd May 2020. If you are nervous about asking for support, you’re not alone! However, once you start fundraising you will be surprised by how much your friends, family and colleagues want to sponsor you in a cause you care about. Check out our fundraising resources here.

I don’t know how to fundraise. Can you help me?

Yes of course! There’s a dedicated team at the Perkins ready to help you with fundraising ideas to get you to the donation minimum as soon as possible. For more information contact 6151 0759 or walk@perkins.org.au

How do I make a donation?

Making a donation is simple! Click here to donate to a participant.


How do I login to the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer?

Once you have registered for the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer, an account is automatically created for you. If you registered yourself, you should have set up a password. If you were registered by someone else, you will have received an email with a link to create your own password.

If you can’t find that email, use the create account feature on the login page. If you were registered by someone else and they didn’t use your email, you will need to ask them to login to their page to help you edit your registration or fundraising information.

How do I volunteer for the event?

Being a volunteer is an important role on event day. Volunteers at the start, finish, pit stops, lunch and along the course keep the participants going with cheerful support all day long!

If you’d like to be a part of the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer please register here. The more the merrier, so get your friends and family involved!