Promenade Member

For those of you that smash your fundraising goal and raise over $2,000, we’ve created a special Promenade VIP Club with a series of handpicked rewards that will be waiting for you at pack pick up, the week before the event, or ready for you on the event day. There will be bunch of exciting rewards once you smash your fundraising goals! But more on that soon

Amazing Promenade Club Members

2020 Inaugural Promenade club Members

Thank you to the incredible Promenade Club Walkers who raised $2,000 or more for cancer research in 2020.

Tracey Adam
Abbey Agostino
Nikki Allison
Susan Axten
Sandra Back
Nicola Bagley
Jenny Banfield
Lauren Barendrecht
Naomi Baron
Ruhi Bassari
Lynley Bathgate
Kylie Beard
Natalie Beard
Laura Bell-Ocejo
Dawn Bennett
Gemma Blewitt
Kristina Botsis
Marie Botsis-Premici
Melinda Bryenton-Rochard
Maria Clark
Carolyn Cotter
Lee-Ann Crane
Tania Cripps
Niamh Cummins
Denise Cunningham
Louise Davis
Jessica Dilley
Kate Doble
Narelle Dodd
Rachel Donkin
Fiona Down
Maria Dunn
Kaelee Edwards
Kaelee Edwards
Sally Frank
Jane Franklin
Leanne Germain
Ashleigh Gibbs
Renae Gilbert
Natalia Goranova
Diana Guttridge
Susan Havlin
Pauline Hayes
Nicole Hebbard
Rohan (Ro) Hill
Kylie Holmes
Jane Hyde
Peter Iancov
Debi Johnson
David Jones
Latasha Kirton
Johan Koorsen
First Name Last Name
Cate Leedman
Michele Librizzi
Carol Lobo
Claire Lochhead
Alessia Maio
Karen Marks
Leanne Mcalpine
Shirley Mcdougall
Karen Mcguckin
Peta Meredith
Nava Meyer
Theresa Middis
Rachel Millington
Lian Murphy
Concetta Nicoletti-Lewins
Dale Nielsen
Neva Nielsen
Kellene Olivieri
Julie O'Meara
Tanya Orchard
Sarah Paton
Shanelle Peace
Felicia Perkins
Kevin Pfleger
Jo Pierce
Jody Prime
Nicky Prince
Michelle Radford
Michelle Reid
Clare Richards
Chelsi Roberts
Melanie Robertson
Scott Robinson
Jenny Rogers
Kristy Ryan
Shelley Shorto
Tanya Smith
Nicole Smyth
Cass Somas
Kelly Strange
Vicky Stuart
Allison Swan
Vicki Szczecinski
Carrie Tatlow
Valerie Valentine
Colleen Warrener
Debbie White
Stacey Wilke
Michelle Wilkins
Kellie Williams
Megan Williams
Natalie Willis
Anne Winslow
Kellie Woods
Dianne Wynyard
Glenda Wynyard

We appreciate all your fundraising efforts that go directly toward innovative cancer research here at the Perkins. If you need any help with your fundraising strategy, just need to bounce-off a few ideas or need some suggestions, feel free to give us a call on 6151 0759 or email us directly, we are here to help!