I pledge to raise $4000.

2022 was the inaugral year of the Queen Bees.

Similar to the Promenade Club, the Queen Bees have been established to thank the tremendous efforts of those walkers who raise more than $4000 in their fundraising journey.

Your incentives 

As well as receiving all of the perks of the Promenade Club (check them out here), Queen Bees also receive their own bespoke t-shirt, a limited edition enamel bee membership pin, and an exclusive opportunity to dine with Perkins Director, Professor Peter Leedman AO and Associate Professor Pilar Blancafort for lunch and a personal tour of the Perkins. 

Thank you for your support. 

Queen Bee t-shirt
Personal Perkins tour 
Exclusive dinner
Enamel bee membership pin
2023 Queen Bees:

We appreciate all your fundraising efforts that go directly toward innovative cancer research here at the Perkins. If you need any help with your fundraising strategy, just need to bounce-off a few ideas or need some suggestions, feel free to give us a call on 6151 0759 or email us directly, we are here to help!