Cancer stops 

with me!

Join us on Saturday 30th April 2022

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Join the Walk for Women’s Cancer and walk 35km on Saturday 30th April or over seven days in the week leading up.

Raise vital funds

Raise $500 or more to support WA women's cancer research at your Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

Support women

We walk for you fighting breast and ovarian cancer. We remember those we have lost. We raise funds for research to stop cancer for good. We do it for all the women in our lives.

Your Impact

This year, cancer stops with me.

By taking part in the Walk for Women’s Cancer, you are helping to fund an amazing group of researchers dedicated to developing kinder treatments and better outcomes for the women in our lives fighting breast and ovarian cancer.

Thank you for being part of a movement to end cancer for good. There are no cancer breakthroughs without medical research and there’s no medical research without you.

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