Walk Traditions

The buzz and excitement of the official Walk day is complemented by the following walk traditions. 

Going the distance

The official route is 35km. But for those who wish to complete a full marathon, we have a 42km version.

You can do the Walk in one day or over seven days in the lead up to the official Walk day. If you choose to do it over seven days, we hope you will join us for the beginning of the Walk and complete your remaining kms on the route.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony is the most heartfelt and emotional part of the day. Come together with your fellow walkers to hear from the Perkins team, your official Walk ambassadors, and those who we have loved and lost.

The opening ceremony is a time to celebrate and reflect.

Pit Stops

You'll be supplied with snacks, a yummy lunch and toilet facilities along the route. Professor Leedman (aka Dr Lolly) will also be out and about with his secret stash of sweet treats!


Each walker is gifted a beautiful rose bush at the end of the Walk.

This is for you to take home and plant in your garden to remind you of the day and your incredible effort.


Each walker receives a commemorative medal for their efforts. This is presented when you cross the finish line.


35km sure is tough on your feet! So you'll have complimentary podiatry and foot care at waiting for you at finish line.

Post event celebrations

After completing your Walk - it's time to celebrate.

Please stick around and join us for post-Walk celebrations, a well deserved drink, some snacks and a boogie for those feeling up to it, all on the house. 

Want to know who will be joining you on the journey?
Meet your Official Walk Ambassadors