What you can expect...

Event Schedule

 5.30am  Walkers can start to assemble at Riley Oval, coffee and snacks will be available
6.30am  Opening Ceremony
7.00am  Walk begins
8.00am    5km walkers start to return for festivities
1.00pm  Walkers start to return for festivities
5.00pm   End of event

If you ever need assistance on the day of the Walk please contact  the EVENT NUMBER - 0488 773 822

5km turn around
For those who have selected to walk 35km in 7 days, we’ve plotted a short 5km course for you that loops through the Perkins building and brings you back to the UWA to celebrate your completion of the Walk.
35km Walk
This is our official walk. We’ve designed it to be as picturesque and flat as possible. 
42km Loop
This route includes the 35km official Walk PLUS a bonus 7 km loop for those who wish to complete a full marathon of 42km.

What to...
Bring: Bandaids, sunscreen, a hat, a light backpack, your refillable water bottle, phone, something to keep you cool or warm (depending on the weather).

Wear: You can wear all the New Town Toyota Walk for Women’s Cancer merchandise you’ve accumulated along the way or you can walk in whatever you feel comfortable in. Many women (and a few men – I’m looking at you Professor Leedman) walk in tutus! The most important thing is that you have comfortable, worn in shoes, good socks and lots of sun protection.
On the walk:
The Walk will go ahead in rain, hail or shine – unless of course it is deemed dangerous to do so. So, if it looks like rain, best bring a raincoat or waterproof poncho because we’re all going to get wet. Just ask the walkers from 2021… they’ll tell you! 
Lunch, snacks and water
There is no need to bring any food or snacks. These are all supplied by us, free of charge as part of your registration. There are pit stops along the way where you can refuel with healthy snacks. There is also a lunch stop for all those doing 35km or 42km. To support the environment, please bring your own water bottle that you can refill along the way from water tanks provided. 
Comfort stops
There will be toilets positioned along the route for your convenience.
Medical crew
A medical crew will follow the walkers to offer assistance as required. There will also be a medical station at UWA to deal with any injuries after the Walk.
Pick up service
If you find yourself in distress or you’re just out of puff, not to worry, simply call the emergency number and we’ll arrange for you to be picked up and dropped back to the finish line. 

After the event:
Whether you’re walking 5km, 35km or 42km, please join us back at the University Club, UWA, to celebrate your incredible effort on behalf of the women in our lives facing a cancer diagnosis. Don’t forget to pick up your rose and medal, and enjoy a refreshment or two.
Massage and podiatry
We will have massage therapists and podiatrists ready for when you cross the finish line. Your tired muscles and aching feet might need a little TLC after what you’ve just put them through.
Tree of Hope
Located at the start and finish lines, the Tree of Hope is a place to share a moment of your story, a memorial or a dedication to the walk. Feel free to hang a picture, drawing, or memory to the tree or write your message of hope for others to read.