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Do I need experience to volunteer?

You do not need any experience to volunteer for the New Town Toyota Walk for Women's Cancer. All volunteers will be allocated an appropriate role in response to their registration form and will receive a briefing prior to, or on the day of their shift.

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What are the volunteer shift times?

Shift times for volunteers are varied across the lead up to the event and the Walk day. When you fill in the registration form you will be asked to list your preferred shift days and times, and our volunteer coordinator will get in touch with you directly to confirm your availability.

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What roles are available?

There are many roles available, and they depend on when you can volunteer, if you can get to the volunteer location and some depend on how old you are.

There are pre-event roles that involve packing rider packs and then helping give the rider packs out.

Roles at the start/ finish line, Aid Stations and on corners of the course that are extremely important for the walkers. 

Roles before the event:

Pack packing and distribution:- Putting goodies in goodie bags for the fantastic Fundrasiers and handing them out.

Roles on event days include:

Start Line Helpers – working with event staff to assists with moving walkers into the starting chute.

Aid Stations – working as a team to make sure walkers get support with food and water at locations on course

Corner Marshals – Using your best voice to cheer on walkers and make sure they turn and go the correct way at key locations out on course

Cheer Team Finish line – Cheer on every amazing waker that crosses that finish line

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What support do I get on my shift?

All volunteers will receive a Perkins volunteer shirt and cap to wear on the day of their shift, and where necessary, some volunteers will receive a safety vest.

Additionally, volunteers will receive plenty of water, comprehensive instructions, and depending on the allocated role, complimentary snacks and a meal.

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What do I wear as a Volunteer?

Make sure you are comfortable. It might rain, you might be on your feet and it might get super sunny. Be prepared like a boy scout and you will have a great day!

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My child would like to volunteer but is under 16, can they volunteer?

Children can accompany volunteering parents or guardians and participate in the same role or volunteering group. If you intend on bringing your child or a minor in your care, please state this clearly on the volunteer registration form and tick the appropriate check box. If you have any questions about this, reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator

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If I have volunteered before, do I still need to sign up?

Yes please! While no two events are the same, your circumstances or requirements may also change between volunteering opportunities. Please sign up here to ensure we allocate you the best role we can.  

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I would like to volunteer with some of my friends, are we able to volunteer as a group?

Absolutely! If you would like to volunteer with a group, please mention this in your registration form. There is a section titled ‘Group details’ where you can let us know who you’ll be volunteering with on the day. If you’ve already filled in this form, reach out to the volunteer coordinator who can update your details for you. 

If you are intending to volunteer with a group, please let us know as soon as possible so we can do our best to keep you together on the day. Should your group need to be split up, the volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you well in advance of the Walk day. 

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I have already signed up and been given a volunteer role and now my friend would like to volunteer as well, can they volunteer with me?

We love friends and family volunteering together so please get them to sign up and mention on their form that they would like to volunteer with you as soon as possible. Please also reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator and let them know that you will be adding to your volunteering group. Email eventvolunteers@perkins.org.au

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Do I need my own transport to get to my volunteering role?

All volunteers must make their own way to their volunteering role on the day – we suggest teaming up with a friend and carpooling!. If you’re intending to use public transport, please note that some roles have a very early start times where public transport may not be available. Please take this into consideration when filling in your volunteer registration form.

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What is expected of me as a volunteer?

The New Town Toyota Walk for Women's Cancer is not possible without the amazing support of volunteers such as yourself. In order for the event to run as smoothly as possible, there are a few small things that you can do::

  • Accept direction from event management
  • Respect and maintain privacy and confidentiality
  • Maintain safe work practices and prioritise health and safety
  • Report any unsafe or concerning incidents and behaviour to a Perkins staff member.
  • Carrying out your agreed duties in the agreed time frame
  • Arrive to your shift on time and stay for the agreed duration
  • Be accountable for your actions and open to accepting feedback if necessary
  • Comply with the legal and organisational requirements of your volunteer position

Perkins’ volunteering is guided by Volunteering Australia’s volunteer rights and checklist, available here

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I’m a volunteer for my team, do I get support?

Thank you so much for supporting your team on the Walk day! I’m sure they’ll appreciate you as much as we do. This volunteering information is volunteers who have elected to help the Perkins with the logistics of the whole event. If you are looking for information on your teams’ activities, please consult your Team Captain.

Contact volunteer@perkins.org.au if you have any questions.

Perkins volunteering is guided by Volunteering Australia's volunteer rights and checklist.