Tanya Orchard

This is my 7th year walking for womens cancer.

Cancer is tough, but we're tougher

I have registered to plod 35km in the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer for a seventh time on 2ND May, 2020.

Why? I do it because I can. I plod in memory of my friends and loved ones like Larissa and Jackie, who have been taken from us by cancer. I plod in honour of all those who have fought this horrible disease, for friends like Nicole who continues her journey, and for those who will one day hear the words, “You have cancer”.

Plodding 1 kilometre with a wheelie walker is tough. Plodding 35km is CRAZY tough! Raising $1000 is tough. Seeing loved ones suffer is incredibly tough. Cancer is really tough.

But we’re tougher! Next May, we will walk in unity and send a message to the cancers that rob us of our daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts and friends that we’re coming for you and we’re TOUGHER TOGETHER!

I am alive today because of one of the many chemo drugs that exist today as a result of medical research. Meningitis and Stroke have stolen many things from me, but they will never rob me of my determination to try to make a difference, however small it may be.

Please support me and the hundreds of others who will walk 35km on 2nd May 2020 and help to defeat women’s cancers!

I would love for you to join me on the day to walk, to volunteer, or to make a donation here in my name.

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