Louise Davis

Time to do something a little crazy....

As you may know, breast cancer is a subject that is very close to my heart, or should I say my Boobs!

I have been blessed to have passed the 5 year survival milestone, and as such feel that its the right time for me to participate in a major fundraising activity for women's cancers.

In May 2020, I’m challenging myself to walk 35km in one day as part of the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer. I’m doing it to raise much needed funds for women’s cancer research right here in WA at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

There is so much more to be done to ensure that the women of WA – be they our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends or loved ones who are faced with a cancer diagnosis have the best treatment possible.

I will be training hard (including on my bike :-P) in the lead up to the event. I would be so grateful if you could support me by making a donation to my fundraising page, or by joining me on this walk.

Don't forget to check your boobies!!

Much love


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Crunch time - and a new incentive

So, as for much of 2020, plans to complete the Women’s Walk for Cancer in May were scuttled by COVID-19. But as this cause is too important, plans have been made for participants to walk as smaller teams in September. 
So it’s crunch time - time to fit in some last minute training walks, tighten those shoes laces and get on with it. The fab girls of the Saving 2nd Base team are planning to walk on the 19th September. Setting off from the Raffles Hotel and heading towards the city, for a lap around Optus Stadium before heading back to collapse at the Raffles bar. 

As you may know from my previous posts, my reasons for doing this walk are extremely personal. Doing this walk was never about my diagnosis and treatment.  It is about doing my bit so that my daughter may live without fear of a cancer diagnosis. Or her daughters,. Or my son’s daughters. Or anyone’s daughters. Three generations of women in my family have faced a cancer diagnosis - 3 generations, 3 different diagnoses. I only recently found out that my maternal grandmother, who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, spent her last months away from her family, alone, dying in a Perth hospital. I cannot imagine how she felt during this time nor fathom the impact it has had on her children. 
We have come so far from this point it time - with diagnosing, treatments and our overall understanding of the impacts of cancer on individuals and families, but we still have so far to go. And this is what will motivate me, step after step after step. 

Time to get serious!!

With the madness of Christmas and school holidays out of the way it's time to get serious with my training. Whilst I try to do Pilates 3 or 4 times a week and ride to work during the week, it's time to actually get walking!! 
Today I did my 1st serious training walk - 6km along the Swan River in Mount Pleasant. Such a beautiful spot, makes me wonder why I have never done it before! Hopefully I will get another training session in over the weekend around work. 

February marks 6 years since I first noticed that something was not quite right with my right breast. I was experiencing an intermittent pain in my breast that would not go away. When out with Nath to celebrate our wedding anniversary I mentioned it to him and he supported my decision to have it checked by my GP. From there it was a whirlwind of scans and biopsies. I feel we both knew we were in trouble the moment that first mammogram showed something not quite right. I will always consider ourselves so very lucky that firstly I trusted my gut instinct against the Dr's thoughts that there was nothing to worry about and that Nath does the job he does. 
This February I will once again go and have my boobs squished, but after ticking over the magical 5 year mark, feeling less anxious and more confident of a continued clean bill of health. 
Just recently I had a dear friend message to say her mum had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. My heart breaks for her mum and her family that they have to go through this, but feel confident of a positive outcome. Thanks to the fabulous work of researchers such as those at the Perkin's Institute, treatment options have advanced even in the few short years since my own diagnosis. A cancer diagnosis will always be frightening but I honestly believe that it need not be as scary as it once was. 

Big kisses to all,

Lou xx 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jodie Aveling

You are a true champion Lou 💖


Kel Audie And Will

Go Lou! Xx


Liz Palmer

Will be thinking of you Lou. Well done xxx


Angie James

Good Luck Lou Lou. X


Naomi Braine

Go get ‘em Lou! xx


Tanya Evans

Good luck Lou xx



This is fantastic. Love that you are doing this Lou! Proud of you. Do you want Becky on your shoulders for part of it? ;) xxx


Alyce Mostert

You are such an inspiration Lou. You helped me with my fund-raising for my walk for women's cancers in 2015 so I would like to repay you now. Enjoy the walk - it is one of the best things you'll ever do.


Sam Clarke

Go Lou!! You’re such an inspiration - best of luck for the walk - hope you get lovely weather xx hugs



Good luck Louise


Kate And Rob Hobson


Heidi Harris

Good luck Lou!!!!!


Shreena Peters

Happy to donate to your cause Louise xx


Cathy Ritikis

How inspiring are you! All the best for the walk we wish you perfect walking weather. You will nail it!


Heather & Mike Davis

Well done Lou. Big walk for a great cause. Proud of you!


Julius Beyer


Danni Arnold

Go Lou! A very worthy cause 💜


Renae Ratcliffe

Supporting you as I was diagnosed with stupid breast cancer this year. Supporting research is so important.


Heidi Owens

Woo hoo!! Go Lou!!! X


Natalie Taylor


Dean Frank

You rock!! Look after my wife!!!


Hawaiian Matched Giving


Fiona Allard

Good luck Louise!


Martine Mckenna


Ashley & Felicity Stewart

Good on you Lou xx


Alana Abreu


Kaz Gillies

You are an inspiration Louise. I'll be there to cheer you on... xxxx


Fil @ Mil Davis

Go get em!


Kerryl Gull

Well done such a great cause and so proud of you


Leila Naderi

Great job, you can do it 👍


Palladino Family

Proud of what your doing, proud to be your friend ❤️❤️


Darren Beltman


Dee Northan


Marshall Family

You are amazing Lou xxx


Rebecca Golding

Lots of love and hugs. You can do it. If you want to push me in the pram the entire way, I’m sure my mummy will let me. Love from your goddaughter Becky 😘😘😘


Sue And Alan Spencer


Claire Bower-white

You got this!


Bev Hobson


Barb Aplin

Love you Lou,


Sue Shepherdson

Hope you get to walk that 35km in Hawaii but good luck either way.


Natalie Kaminski

If you need company on the walk I’d live to join you


Paula Forrest



Sharryn, Cassidy, Samuel And Matt Ellis

Louise, you are just an inspirational woman!! We would love to sponsor you on your journey. Congratulations on how far you have come in your personal battle and how now you are fighting for others in theirs. All our love Sharryn Cassidy Samuel and Matt xxxx


Andrew J Stewart

Very glad to help in vital research. Maybe I can come and walk a with you for a bit




Louise Davis