Louanne Callaghan

My promise for the Harry Perkins and their pursuit of curing women's cancer

In March 2017 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It wasn't the best time of John's and my life, but we got through and in the process became even closer (if that was possible).  Unfortunately not everyone diagnosed with cancer has the support or resources we had.

So, next year in 2022 I am doing my 4th Walk for Women's Cancer.  It is MY thing.  I do it for me, for my Mum, for too many friends to mention who have had this terrible diagnosis and for all the women out there.  My fundraising will go to the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research so they can continue to research these diseases and find better ways of dealing with them, or diagnosing them early, or maybe, just maybe finding a real cure in the near future.  The Harry Perkins is my only fundraising challenge every year.  You will not hear me ask for money for anything else (except maybe Chocolate, haha).

So please, dig deep and support this amazing research institute and know that you are giving to a cause that WILL touch you, a friend or family member at some point.  It's not only women who get breast cancer, but men too.

The Perkins is dedicated to researching breast and ovarian cancers (and others). They’re focused on pioneering medical breakthroughs and discovering new treatments for this disease and they won’t stop until cancer is history. That means so much to me. Please help me, help them.

Let’s do this together, and please join my walk group, The Storm Hooters and walk with me on the day.  :o)

Please help me, help the Perkins.

Your Impact

So far this year I helped provide…

300 hours of medical research


hours of medical research

1,000 researchers with protective clothing


researchers with protective clothing

1,000 of microscope slides


microscope slides

Funds raised

Over the years