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Cancer is tough, but we're tougher

Hi all! If you’re reading this, then you will know that I have been kidnapped by Perkins staff and they will not release me until I have raised the fundraising minimum for the Walk. They have also insisted I captain the 2020 Perkins team.

So I need your help. If you ever want to see me alive again, please donate to my fundraising page.

If you do donate, here are the perks you will receive:

  1. Seeing me slog through a 35km walk that, if history repeats itself, may or may not see me faint after finishing
  2. Watching me toast my blisters with a glass of bubbles after the walk
  3. Seeing me line up at the start line in what may resemble something made of lycra – scary as that is

You will also be supporting a cause that I not only believe in, but have an intimate knowledge of. I work at the Perkins and see every day the commitment and passion of the researchers. They are so driven to find answers to the diseases that rob us of our loved ones. And with only 1 in every 8 grants being funded due to sheer volume of applications, Perkins researchers need our help more than ever.

So please help me kick cancer to the curb on May 2. Give now and give generously.

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