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Cancer is tough, but we're tougher


In May 2020, I’m challenging myself to walk 35km in one day as part of the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer. I’m doing it to raise much needed funds for women’s cancer research right here in WA at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

As most of you know, my entire salary comes from fundraising and donors like yourselves. I literally can not do this job I love, without the support of the community. Every year I try to do as much as I can to support all the fundraising efforts from Perkins. Usually I volunteer, help out and cheer on the walkers as they attempt this mammoth task. However, this year, I got a little carried away with the enthusiasm at the lunch table and actually signed up to walk the 35km. I have no idea if I can even complete this task, but I will give it my best go. So far I have new shoes, an enthusiastic dog and will power. I have started training and will do my best to be up for the task on the 2nd May. You can follow my journey on this page and even donate to the Harry Perkins and my fundraising campaign if you want to. You can even register to walk in the Perkins team with me if you feel like a challenge.

Thank you in advance for your support and encouragement for what will be a fantastic day for a very worthy cause.

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Nice day for a walk

Took advantage of the cooler weather this morning, it was even a little bit wet. Walked to my parent's house from my house. Blake got dropped off and joined me for the last 2.5 km. Feet are a bit sore and there are a few new blisters, but all in all, a good morning and nice paths to walk on.

Longest walk so far

After a 4km walk yesterday to test out my protective strapping over my blisters, I was feeling good this morning, so surprised both Blake and myself by walking 7km. We had to stop a few times so Blake could make friends with some little kids, it was very cute. I feel pretty good considering :)

After dinner walk

Waited until it was a bit cooler and then did a 5km walk. Blake wasn't sure if he wanted to do the whole walk, but he did very well. A 20min spa for recovery and now a glass of wine and TV. Blake is already fast asleep.

NEW Shoes

Got new shoes!! Did a 5km walkwith Blake this morning, before it got too hot. Need to remember bandaids for next time as a blister started to form. Not bad for a first effort, though. 

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Go Kirsty 😃🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️


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Amazing Kirsty!


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You can do it!


Liz And Geoff Richardson

We know you will give this your best. We are proud of all you achieve.


Daniel Richardson And Family

Go Kirsty and team. Think of all the Pokémon you can hatch by walking in just 1 day!!


Jan Richardson

You can definitely do this!!


Lynne Page

Good luck Kirsty and team. You will give it your very best.