Hannah Allen

Cancer ends with me!

I never met my grandfather because he died of lung cancer before I was born, but I am very proud of the WA medical Research Centre that he helped start and has now been named after him. 
There are lots of researchers at the Harry Perkins Medical Research Centre who are working to better understand disease and develop better treatments.

There is a researcher who has found that something in honey bee venom kills the very hardest to kill breast cancer cells in a Petri dish. They are now working to try to make this a safe medicine.

I went to a talk at the institute and met David who had melanoma (a form of skin cancer), and would be very sick if it was not for another researcher there who had helped develop a drug that made lumps of cancer in Davids body disappear leaving only bruises. My grade 2 teacher was there, and her cousin had died of melanoma because this type of treatment was not available to him 10 years ago. 

My friend Judi at the institute was going to help with my birthday party this year but can’t because she has got breast cancer. I want to help the scientists to develop their ideas into medicines to help people like Judi get better. I hope Judi is well enough next year to celebrate my birthday with me.

My Nanna has 2 sisters. One died of breast cancer, the other has had a lot of treatment for breast cancer but is healthy now. It is important to our family that breast cancer treatments are as good as they can be.

The walk for womens cancer raises money for research into women’s cancer at the Harry Perkins Institute. This work has found the honey bee venom possibility. The money raised this year will help make it into a medicine. I am going to be walking 35km over 7 days, with the last 5 km being done with lots of other fundraisers at the Harry Perkins institute.

I am doing lots of things to raise money (anyone want to buy a dog bandanna, or dog chew toy?) but it would be great if my friends can also contribute to this important cause.

Please help me, help the Perkins.

Your Impact

So far this year I helped provide…

300 hours of medical research


hours of medical research

1,000 researchers equipped with protective clothing


per researcher equipped with protective clothing

1,000 of microscope slides


per microscope slide

Funds raised

Over the years




Happy Birthday Hannah!



Hi Hannah, Well Done for thinking of others and showing that you care about people! And... Happy Birthday!


Sally Hasluck


Maria Dunn


Fred Prall


Brad Allen


Michelle Teasdale


Rachel Schmitt


Di Parsons


Terry Vaughan


Dinara Amangali (tyras Mom)

Hannah! You are inspirational young lady!!!! Dinara and Tyra


Jane Allen

Kid boss week one savings. Well done to save for this cause!


Judi Lane

Hi Hannah, Thank you for walking to raise funds for cancer research. You are a superstar! We will make your birthday party next year a fabulous one. Hugs to you - happy walking! XxJudi


Hannah Allen