Denise Cunningham

This is my 6th year walking for womens cancer.

Cancer is tough, but we're tougher

In May 2020, I’m challenging myself to walk 35km in one day as part of the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer. I’m doing it to raise much needed funds for women’s cancer research right here in WA at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

There is so much more to be done to ensure that the women of WA – our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and loved ones – living with cancer stay with us for as long as possible. I am training and fundraising in the lead up to the event. I'd be so grateful for your support. If you can't join me (I'd love the company), please give generously to my donation page.

Please help me, help the Perkins.

Let’s walk towards a cancer-free future – together.

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Deb Fleck

Afternoon Tea Fundraiser


Noel And Margaret Cunningham

Good luck Denise


Sam Rivers

Great to see you're still out there supporting and raising funds for such an amazing cause. ❤


Pam Gilles

Good luck Denise


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George Limmer


Matched Giving


Robyn De Fraine


Denise Cunningham


Andrea Duncan

Much love to you guys Denise xxx


Nanette Burke

You are inspirational Denise, and have the best heart. Everything you do, you do for others. Go girl x


Hawaiian Matched Giving


Vivien Colquhoun

This is for all who are doing it tough


Hawaiian Matched Giving


George & Carol


Tom Price Hotel

Keep up the good work


Jess Higgs

Bingo Night


Denise Cowin

Bingo x2


Andrea Duncan

Keep Walking Denise in memory of Margaret Duncan, a beautiful Mum, and wonderful friend to us all.


Bruce & Judy Clarke

Envelope 71 and 84


Vicki Panton

Go Denise..... I must get your autograph now that you are a top model!!!!


Jack & Lucy Clarke

Envelope $45 and $15


Mark Sandercock

Envelope 99


George & Carol Limmer

Envelope $40 and $10


Dianne Hicks


Chrystine Dehaan

$90 Envelope Raffle


Michelle Higgott


Melbourne Cup Lunch Fundraiser Svshs

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Timothy Smith


Lauren Haese

Sorry for not being able to be a part of today’s festivities! You guys are a amazing!


Julie Anne Paterson

Good luck Denise :)


Michaela Perry

Hi Denise, this is from Jaimen and I.


Emily Brown



Good luck on the fundraising


Kelly Klymiuk

Run, Denise, run - and good on you!!


Denise Cunningham