Top 5

1. Donate to yourself

To kick-start your walk fundraising, why not lead by example and make a donation to yourself? Research shows that people who make a generous donation to themselves, before asking their friends and family to support them, raise more. Also, whatever donation you make, your friends and family are more likely to match - or better. So if you make a self-donation of $120, your network will follow suit. Makes getting to your fundraising target a whole lot easier!

2. Personalise your page

There has been a lot of research on how to optimise your fundraising page to attract donations. Believe it or not, if you upload a photo of yourself and share your personal reason for taking on the Hawaiian Walk for Women's Cancer challenge, you supporters are far more likely to give to you when asked. Also, if you come back from time to time and update your page, it will attract even more donations. (And be sure to thank everyone who donates both on your fundraising page and in your socials.)

3. Don't be afraid to share

So you’ve updated your fundraising page with a pic and a personal reason for walking, now it’s time to ask your friends, families and social networks for help to reach your target. Challenge events like the walk are more likely to attract online donations, so be sure to send the link to your fundraising page out far and wide. Use SMS, email, socials and good old word of mouth to spread the word. This is the fastest and easiest way to reach your target. It’s also important to follow up if your friends haven’t responded – sometimes it takes a second ask as they may be distracted the first time.

4. Do something you love

Our seasoned walkers have all kinds of interesting ways of raising funds for research. Everything from Bunnings sausage sizzles to black tie functions. We have walkers that are funded entirely from bake sales and others who get across the line with the support of their company through dollar matching, or donations from their professional networks and clients. However, you chose to fundraise, do it your way. Find something you love and encourage others to do it with you – for a donation! It might be a wine tasting, a scavenger hunt, a quiz night or a loud shirt day, but whatever it is, we can help you with tips and suggestions. Just ask!

5. Thank your supporters

It is so important to thank each and every one of your donors. Thanking people for their donations should be timely, personal and appropriate. You should always thank someone within 48 hours of receiving a donation. First thank them on your fundraising page by responding to their text about the donation. Then you should try to write them a card or email or send them an SMS.  Finally, use your socials to thank people and publicly acknowledge their kindness and generosity.  



Ask local businesses and organisations to donate items and hold an auction at home, work or online.


We all love a sausage sizzle so make sure you contact your local Bunnings and ask them how to host one of the best fundraisers around.

Casual day at work

Ask people at your work or school to pay to dress casually for a day You can also put collection boxes around the place to boost your funds.




Demote the boss

Ask your work colleagues to sponsor your boss to work behind reception or in the mailroom. Talk to your boss first!

Exercise challenge

Set yourself a physical challenge ask people to sponsor you.

Fancy Dress

Get everyone to dress up in fancy dress, award prizes and collect donations.




Garage sale

Clean out the garage and make money at the same time.

Head shave

Get sponsored to shave or colour your hair.

In lieu

In place of a gift for any special occasion ask friends and family to donate.




Juice stand

Make some fresh, natural juices and sell for a gold coin donation at work.

Karaoke night

Bust out the mic and get singing to raise funds.

Lawn mowing

See your lawn mowing skills and let your friends and family know. Charge a fee for your services and make sure you explain where the money raised will be donated to inspire people to support you.




Movie night

Ask for a donation and get friends together to watch a classic.

No food for a day

Give up food for a day and have people sponsor you.

Office Collection

Place collection boxes at work but make sure you tell everyone what they are for!




Pool night

Get everyone down to your local for a pool competition and a chance to win some prizes.

Quiz night

Always a fun way to raise some funds.


Ask local businesses to contribute prizes for a raffle.




Swear jar

Place a swear jar at home and the in the office. This one adds up quickly!

Themed party

Host a themed party and have everyone contribute.

Unwanted gift donation

Gather up all those unwanted gifts and have a sale.





Volunteer your services to friends, family neighbours for a donation.

Waxing (one for the lads)

Get your sports team involved and get sponsored to wax your legs or chest.

X marks the spot

Get your friends and neighbours to join in a treasure hunt whilst raising money.




Yoga challenge

Stretch and reach for a goal and raise money at the same time.

Zany dress up day

Plan a day at work or at school where everyone can dress like their inner zany and contribute to your fundraising.