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Walking 35 kilometres is tough. Raising $1000 is tough. Seeing loved ones suffer is tough. Cancer is really tough. But we’re tougher. We will walk in unity and send a message to the cancers that rob us of our daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts and friends that we’re coming for you and we’re tougher together.
I am walking because I can and I want to make a difference. Since my fundraising journey began I’ve seen friends, family and work colleagues who have won and lost their battle and it makes me very grateful that I have my health. I’m very proud that to this point in time I have been part of a fundraising effort to have successfully raised $55,637.00 since 2015. We exceeded our 2018 goal with $27,437.60.
None of this was possible without the tireless support of a wonderful group of Ladies who shared my fundraising vision and of course all of our fantastic family and friends who supported our fundraising efforts.
I’m determined and committed to raise as much as I can for the 2019 Walk for Women’s Cancers. Together we can make a difference.

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