ABOUT FUNDRAISING - Walk for Womens Cancer


So you’ve registered for the Walk and now you get to personalise your Everydayhero supporter page and start fundriasing for women's cancer research! - where do you go next?

Your personal contact for all fundraising and training questions is Cate who you can contact by calling 08 6151 0818 or emailing walk@perkins.org.au. Cate can give you ideas on how to fundraise, hold an event, and show you how easy it will be to get to your fundraising minimum of $1,000! Here are our top tips to set your Everydayhero supporter page up and get your fundraising off to a great start:


Personalise your supporter page


Donate to your cause


Email gets the best results


Use social media


Hold an event
FUN FACT: Did you know fundraisers who personalise their supporter page raise 74% more on average than those who don't? The people that visit your page do so because they want to support you. Upload a photo of yourself and tell them why you are walking with a personal story! Are you walking in memory of a loved one? Are you a survivor yourself? Are you ready to fight women’s cancer by helping accelerate medical research?

Remember, the personalisation doesn’t stop there. Keep your page updated and engage your supporters by posting often to your page by thanking your donors, and with updates of your training and pictures of your journey. You can even share these with your friends and family through the Facebook feature.


FUN FACT: Fundraisers who donate to their own page raise over 120% more on average than those who don't! So what are you waiting for? Walk the walk and show people just how passionate you are about curing women’s cancer - Be the first to make a donation to your page and set the stage for your donors with the size of donation.


FUN FACT: Emails return 3 times more donations than social media! Email is still going strong as a top source of income for donations and is a quick and easy way to contact your supporters. Whilst social media is great for informing the masses about what you are doing, a personal email with a direct link to your supporter page and a clear ask for support often brings in the biggest donation.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are all great platforms for you to share your journey with all those that know you. Here are some ideas that can help you to keep your social media posts fresh and interesting:

• If you have a personal story about women’s cancer consider sharing this with your supporters. This shows people the difference they can make to the lives of others by supporting you.

• If you are using Map My Fitness or a similar training app, link this to your social media and post to let your friends know the hard work you are training for the challenge.

• Use Instagram to post pictures of your journey - new training shoes, walking tracks and your fundraising activities.

• Share posts from the Perkins on social media - we often post about new drug discoveries and the work of our researchers.

• Thank people by using social media and tag them in your post. This shows your post to their friends and is a great way to drum up support from a new crowd that may be inspired by your story.

• Most importantly, always remember to include a link to your fundraising page in every post.


Hosting an event for the Hawaiian Walk for Women's Cancer is a rewarding and meaningful way for you to raise your funds and support the research being done at the Perkins. You will be raising funds for vital research into women’s cancers whilst having fun with your colleagues, team mates or friends and family. Your event doesn’t have to be extravagant to raise funds – a morning tea with your closest friends could generate enough funds to reach your target. We have put together some great resources to help you organise your event here.


You’re doing something great so don’t be shy in telling everybody about your journey and how they can get involved. By making a donation to your page, they are not only supporting you but they are joining the fight to defeat women’s cancer.

Would you like more help with setting up your supporter page or your fundraising? Just contact Cate at the Perkins at walk@perkins.org.au or call 08 6151 0818